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Collette Jolliffe... 
Marathon Fund for Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge!



From a Friend of the Family...

Collette is a remarkable woman with a mission... to raise at least ten thousand dollars in the 2014 Boston Marathon for the benefit of the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research. To learn more about this extraordinary cause, please click here.

Collette's marathon run is even more challenging because she suffers from Meniere's disease, an inner ear disorder that affects balance and hearing, and has resulted in the surgical removal of her right sided hearing and balance. However, regardless of her own affliction, she started training in April 2013, one year before the upcoming 2014 Boston Marathon, and six months before her first half marathon, which she completed in October 2013. With just a few months to go her training continues as does her fundraising for her run and this cause…

Compassion, time, love, patience, persistence and perseverance are essential components of helping people in need, both near and far, but when it comes to research—research that is searching for a complete cure, or trying to just make progress with a disease or affliction—money is what is needed most.

Please consider supporting the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research, through Collette’s 2014 Boston Marathon run. To do so, and to read more about Collette and her run, please click here.  Please remember that any donation of any amount helps.

Meniere's or not, Collette is determined to make this run, reach at least her milestone and help with this cause; you can be a part of that.

A Friend of the Family



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