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From Reid's Mom & Dad...

Hi Everyone!

For those unfamiliar with our story my name is Dana. My husband, Tim, and I, are the parents of a wonderful little boy named Reid (that is Reid's picture above). Reid suffers from the genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis. You have probably heard of Cystic Fibrosis, but more likely than not know it as "CF".

CF is a genetic disease that affects many organs of the body.  Pancreas, liver, and intestine are often all involved in this complex disease; but it is the lungs that are frequently the most prominently affected organs due to mucus build-up within the lungs that restricts breathing and can cause dangerous opportunities for bacterial infection.  Though digestive difficulties and other issues often accompany CF, it is the problems associated with breathing that people see most often, or can often more easily and readily associate with CF.

Reid, and many, most, or possibly everyone who suffer from CF must endure daily care to keep their lungs clear and their breathing ability as close to normal as possible.  Daily, Reid must receive multiple nebulizer and chest physical therapy treatments.  Even when he receives these treatments he and virtually all CF patients lose an average of 2% of their lung function each year. In addition, Reid must take 15-20 pills a day to help his body process food; even then, we still can't make all his organs function normally.  At some point in their lives, many CF'ers must face organ transplants as an inevitability. CF is in itself the disease, but in many ways, time is also an enemy.

We want to find a cure before Reid's body suffers to much irreparable damage; and we have a really good shot at doing this!

Get to know Reid!...

  • Hobbies: He has a very large stick collection going - he finds a lot of great sticks that are apparently impossible to pass up. He's also collecting maps currently.

  • Age he has promised me he will start eating vegetables: 5 . . . he swears!

  • Favorite color: Blue. He also loves green. He tolerates pink but hasn't come around on purple.

  • What he calls whipped cream: Whimp cream

  • Is he a hoarder?: Yes. There are pj's in his closet that haven't fit him for 2 years, we have to save them "for the memories."

  • Favorite food: Always PB&J's, he bleeds crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly.

  • Number of times he says "Know what . . . " in a day: Roughly 6 million.

  • Favorite vacation: Bar Harbor, even though he got heat stroke and and spent half a day in the hospital.

  • Future Career: He's not sure yet but he likes to "push buttons and move controls" so hopefully something incorporating that.

  • Favorite Card Game: Crazy 8's - but don't change it to a suit he doesn't have.

  • Pet: He has a fish named Goby, he wants a dog but he's "llergic."

  • Favorite thing about preschool: Arts and crafts (more specifically - using scissors).

  • Person he hugs the most: His little sister Nadine.

  • Person he knocks over the most: His little sister Nadine (usually unintentional).

  • Number of pills he takes per day: 20-30

  • Time spent doing chest physical therapy and nebulizer treatments per week: 12-14 hours

  • Life expectancy: 38

Each year I ask for your help in finding a cure and each year you get us get closer and closer to finding that cure. Last year the FDA approved a new drug named Kalydeco which essentially cured 4% of the CF population (those with a particular gene mutation). Researchers are currently working on a new therapy that combines Kalydeco and another drug in order to repair a basic gene defect. This is the approach that would work for Reid's mutations. This has the potential to give Reid a chance at a long, normal life and could be available as early as 2017!

There is a lot of work to be done between now and when this new therapy becomes available, but this news has given us more hope than we ever dared to have before.

Most likely you are a stranger to me, and I to you, and in the space of just a few words in a few paragraphs I have told you a little about Reid, and asked for your help, even now when things are difficult for so many people throughout our country and the world.  I ask you to first please take care of your own family, as I and Tim are doing our best to care for ours.  Then, and only then, please consider a donation to this critically important cause.  Your money does not go to support Reid or to defray Reid's medical expenses, Tim and I are his parents and we take care of those costs.  Your money will go directly to finance the research and development of the therapy that will combine Kalydeco with another drug to, with all of our dearest hopes, produce a therapy that will cure Reid and every other child, adolescent and adult who suffers from this same condition that is afflicting Reid.

Reid means so much to us, he says a million funny things a day and we can't imagine not having him in our lives. We had a tough year with illnesses and I worry with each cough how much damage is being done to his lungs. Looking at him you would never know he was sick, but Reid goes through a lot everyday to make up for that one protein in his body that doesn't work correctly. He deserves a chance at a long healthy life and your donation gets us that much closer!

Your support means more to my family than I think I can ever tell you on this page. No amount is too small and every cent is appreciated and helps to find that cure!

If you can share our story with just a few of your friends and family it makes a huge difference.

Thank you in advance for your help.

To donate, please click Here, or Here

To watch a great video clip of Reid, and to learn more about Great Strides 2014, please click here and here.

Thank you, so much.  Sincerely,

Dana and Tim


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